tir. 22. nov.



AI in the process industry – why, how and examples of use

Process industry systems can include physical, chemical and biological processes that bring along several complicating issues when applying machine learning.

AI in the process industry – why, how and examples of use

Time & Location

22. nov., 08:00 – 08:45 CET


About the Event

Most industrial systems at present are often highly complex and of a nature that makes it difficult to get data of sufficient quality and quantity to use purely data-driven methods. Furthermore, one often must consider safety-critical systems, which puts extra requirement on the precision and trustworthiness of the models used. 

In this talk, we will discuss some of experiences of the Analytics and AI group in SINTEF Digital from working with partners from the process industry and related fields, and recommendations on how the industry can collaborate with researchers to deal with the specific challenges of their processes. We will give examples of challenges we have encountered and how we have solved them, and present new developments in hybrid modelling with proposed applications to industrial processes.

Presented by Sølve Eidnes, Research Scientist at Mathematics and Cybernetics, SINTEF Digital

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