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Past Events and Presentations

We have gathered a list of some of our past events, with the latest at the top, so that you can review the presentations in your own time and perhaps catch up on the recorded presentations that you missed.

Ontology – a language connecting humans and computers

Webinar 24 January 2023

Video from the webinar

MEMS strain gauge sensor for structural monitoring

Webinar 8 November 2022

Video from the webinar

Robotikk og autonomi - sett med norske øyne

Webinar 21. June 2022

Video from the webinar

The SINTEF Bedrock toolbox

Breakfast webinar 8 March 2022

Video from the webinar

Tmat-SynDat: A synthetic Data Generator

Breakfast webinar 29 November 2021

Video from the webinar

DigiPro Member Meeting

18 October 2021

DigiPro Member Meeting

17 February 2021

SDG Wizard

Webinar 20 December 2022

Video from the webinar

Semantic interoperability to solve industrial challenges in the OntoTrans project

Webinar 25  October 2022

Fouling management for combustion-thermal power plant

Webinar 7. June 2022

Video from the webinar

DigiPro Technology Suppliers

Brief presentation 9 February 2022


Introduction to Norway-China collaborative project. Breakfast webinar 9 November 2021

Idletechs AS

Faster Digital Twins by multivariate metamodelling by Harald Martens. Webinar 31 August 2021

Artificial Intelligence vs. Real Intelligence: Challenges, Opportunities and Geopolitical Tensions

Webinar 6 December 2022

Video from the webinar

Real-time measurements, visualization and chemical imaging

Webinar 11 October 2022

Agder Gathering

Physical meeting 10.-11. May 2022

News Article Eyde Cluster

Processing of Liquid silicon alloys

Breakfast webinar 11 January 2022

The Digital Process Industry of the Future

Industriuka 2021, 25 October

Video from the event

Digital Twin Solutions

- Example of application in Process Industry

Webinar 27 May 2021

AI in the process industry – why, how and examples of use

Webinar 22 November 2022

Video from the webinar

Additiv tilvirking av store metall-komponenter med robotisert multi-laser byggehode

Webinar 23. August 2022

Autonom robotikk for industrien

Breakfast webinar 26 April 2022

Video from the webinar

MR, AR and HoloLens 2

What are the opportunities and how does it work? Breakfast webinar 30 November 2021

Video from the webinar

Predictive maintenance

Breakfast seminar 19 October 2021

Partners' prioritised activities

Workshop 11 March 2021

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