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Activities. Working Areas. Targets.

Areas of Activities

Autonomous and Predictive Operation of Processes achieved by developments within:

  • Advanced Data Analytics includng smooth data pre-treatment, handling and AI.

  • Real-time Sensing, Sensor technology and soft sensors and excellence within OEE1

  • Communication Network Intelligence

  • Robotics for Autonomous Systems

  • Competence and Lean Digital


Working areas within the defined interests

  • Facilitate increased internal Digital Competence and innovation in the member companies.

  • Increased awareness on use and exploitation of opportunities - existing and emerging.

  • Transfer of generic technology, internal and among members and branches.

  • Joint RTD2 projects on digitalisation – share costs including RCN3 and EU financing

  • Develop SMB Technology suppliers for long term relations with industry.

  • Scaling of tested technology including results from on-going projects.

  • Sharing knowledge and best practices among the members.

  • Sustainable and cost-efficient use of digitalisation with emphasis on stable and predictive production with an optimized OEE.


The industrial needs are the overall targets for DigiPro Centre

  • Social awareness – adapt to UN's Sustainable Development Goals

  • Circular economy – resource efficiency in the value chain

  • Cost efficiency – optimised specific energy by a minimum of environmental footprint

  • Effective development – of new processes, products, logistics and working processes

1 OEE: Overall Equipment Efficiency

2 RTD: Research, Technology, Development

3 RCN: Research Council Norway (Norges Forskningsråd)


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