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Podcast on Twin Transition, Business-oriented Digitization Centres and the Green Industrial shift

25. aug. 2022

In this podcast Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Jan Christian Vestre, talks to host and Senior Communication Advisor at SINTEF Digital, Aksel Faanes Persson. Together with Executive Vice President of SINTEF Digital, Morten Dalsmo, they discuss the government's plan for a green industrial boost. Vestre talks about how important digitization is to succeed with this.

Digitization is a prerequisite to manage the green shift that our planet needs. At the same time it is important for growth in industry and business. But it is urgent, so the question is: How are we going to achieve digitization in Norway? How can we pick up the pace? And how can we make Norway a world leader in this area?

We recommend a listen as these questions are highly relevant for DigiPro Centre’s members.

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