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DigiPro is associating with various ongoing and completed projects (funded by EU, The Research Council of Norway, Industries etc.) around digitalisation of process industries, where one or more of the DigiPro members are partners. 

On this platform, these Associated Projects get opportunity to interact and learn from each other and to have access to developed methods and technology. They also receive support in organizing online events through the communication channel of the centre. The recordings can also be made available on the centre's YouTube channel upon request.

If your project is interested to join us as an Associated Project, or to have more information from existing associated projects, please contact:

Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Srivastava
Project Portfolio Manager – DigiPro 


Development and application of key big data technologies for mineral processing. A collaboration between China’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) and the Research Council of Norway (RCN) will pull towards a digitalization of the mining and metal industries.

Illustrasjonsbilde BigDataMine.JPG


COGNITWIN aims to combine cognitive elements to the existing process control systems, thus enabling their capability to autonomously act in advance of the unintentional and unwanted process behaviour.

Illustrasjonsbilde COGNITWIN2.png


The main objective of DIY4U is to develop and promote the adoption of collaborative production engineering approaches (OI B2B/B2C digital platform & fablabs) in the FMCG sector, spurring rapid production and commercialisation of new/innovative personalised or customised products for the benefit of consumers.



The main objective of this projects is to establish a set of scientific tools to reliably identify the electric states in submerge arc furnace processes

Illustrasjonsbilde SAFECI2.JPG


Self Adapting Model-based system for Process Autonomy. The primary objective of SAM is to optimize demanding industrial processes by developing advanced physical models and machine learning algorithms, and integrating new online sensors where real time data is currently limited or lacking.

Illustrasjonsbilde SAM.jpg
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